A lot of our customers frequently resort to our claim handling services. Rapid processing of any claims is of utmost importance – the faster a problem is found and rectified, the lower the possible follow-up costs. As the result of an ongoing optimization process we are now able to offer our customers to become a Contingent Partner of our lab. The bottom line: Faster handling times and pricing at a reduced rate.

Our Contingent Partners benefit from several advantages:

  • handling starts on the day of sample arrival

  • faster handling times (up to 70 %)

  • up to 15 % discount off our services and materials (excluding on-site operations)

  • 20 % discount off our further training offers

  • access to our new, innovative testing packages, which are in the process of being developed

  • no more complex ordering processes in a company, therefore faster reaction times and lower administrative costs

For further information about our lab contingents please refer to our current information leaflet, which you can order via E-Mail (lab@weber-leucht.com). Do you have further questions? Simply give us a call. We will be more than happy to advise!