Our List of Services

In the many years that we have been active as a testing laboratory, our possibilities have multiplied greatly. Continuous investments in modern equipment and new knowledge ensure that we are always up to date and enable us to perform tests for you at the highest level.

Now we have summarized our services in a new way; in modern digital garb and with practical functions.

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The international trade fair Techtextil North America in Atlanta (GA) will open its doors on May 22nd. We take part in the exhibition “High-Tex from Germany” and will be on-site at the “German Pavilion” to present our company and our service directory, focusing on the manifold possibilities of our new Industrial Forensics Center and the textile quality management system TEX-QMS.

We would like to invite you to visit us at booth # 1950! We are looking forward to talk to you and to introduce you to our manifold business activities.

We would like to ask you to announce your visit at our booth in advance via e-mail or phone, so we are able to reserve adequate time for our meeting.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. For further information about "High-Tex from Germany", please refer to this link.

As an independent, accredited testing center, we assess important quality characteristics on behalf of manufacturers, public authorities and consumers. Our certificate and the corresponding seal of quality confirm the fulfillment of our test criteria and provide our customers with important elements for their marketing communication: Following certification, our seal of quality can be shown on products and packaging – a convincing incentive to buy.

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For further information regarding our seal of quality, the general certification conditions and the corresponding assessment and inspection classes please refer to www.weber-leucht.com/en/certificates

For an accredited laboratory like Weber & Leucht, it is of vital importance to keep the lab equipment up to date, in order to expand the range of available testing methods.

Currently we have two new acquisitions: With our new bursting strength tester we can analyze the resistance of textiles and other materials when exposed to pressure. The results are displayed as a force curve and may be saved and processed directly. The appliance offers fully programmable testing methods and allows the use of dynamic models.


Our new stiffness tester allows us to simulate and analyze the wear of textiles caused by bending. This analysis method is an important constituent in the testing of coated textiles and will see frequent use in our laboratory.

Do you have further questions about the services we offer? Get in contact with us – we will be more than happy to advise!


Cooperative projects are research projects of high practical relevance financed entirely by the industry. The costs are divided between several companies without the use of any public funds. Regular project meetings enable precise agreements; during the cooperative project, all project outcomes are also only published in part after the project ends with the consent of all participants.

Additionally, Weber & Leucht offers an optional service: After a cooperative project ends, we can support participating companies individually and draw on our expertise to promote the further development of products or processes.

The first two cooperative projects "Screening of residual contamination on PPE" and "Comfort screening of new and washed textiles using the fabric touch test system and development of a reference panel for the comfort classification of textiles" commence at March 22nd and March 23rd 2017 with project kick-off meetings in the city of Fulda, Germany.

For further information, detailed project descriptions and registration documents, please refer to our website.