We change our data transmission

Why do we see the need for this?

 Every day we generate a multitude of data for you as our customer. This data is summarized in our test reports and consultations and made available to you. Until now, we have used a secure but inelegant method for this purpose: password-protected PDF files. The advantage was obvious: The file was protected by password and could be easily sent by e-mail.

Pdf geschützt

It turned out, however, that further processing within our customers' companies - especially above a certain size - could become problematic, as passwords are of course not readily available.


Our test laboratory is accredited according to DIN EN ISO 17025:2018. One of the points here is the handling and transmission of sensitive data by e-mail. The sending of unprotected attachments (e.g. test reports) is no longer permitted in this way. A file must have at least its own protection. In addition, such file attachments almost always contain personal data, so the DSGVO also applies. The e-mail is undoubtedly a fast and pleasant way to send data, but in our modern times it has its limits.

Therefore we have decided to adapt our data transfer and to use modern communication channels. Once set up, it will make the exchange of even sensitive data between you and our laboratory considerably easier.



What is this solution called?

We have been using a cloud-based system since 01.09.2020. It is called your drive and is based on the very secure Nextcloud code. The complete source code is available to the public and can be viewed for security vulnerabilities.
We have been processing our billing and invoicing data via the Datev data center in Nuremberg for a long time. It is not only one of the most secure of its kind worldwide, but also one of the most powerful.

Datev Cloud

Therefore, it was only a question of time for us to make the important topic of "trustworthy communication" secure. The timing is well chosen, because in July 2020 the ECJ pointed out existing security gaps in many international cloud services that are no longer treated in accordance with the DSGVO. We often do not know what happens to our data, where it ends up and who can view it. With this solution we keep full control and meet even the highest security standards.



How does your drive work?

The principle of use is very simple: We create a folder to which only you and we as your testing laboratory have access. Of course, this folder is protected according to the latest standards. Every file, for example your test report, is uploaded there. Since the individual password protection is not necessary with this concept, you can download your report cleanly to your system and process it without worrying about transmitted passwords.

And you don't have to sacrifice mobility. We all appreciate the ability to access and edit data while on the road, and even in the current crisis we travel across the globe to numerous meetings. In this respect, e-mail is very convenient, so your drive is of course available to you via any web browser and on any end device. So you have access to your data at any time, all you need is an Internet connection.



How do you get your access?

You are probably wondering how you can get access to your drive. We will set this up for you automatically the next time you use our services as a test laboratory. So you do not have to act on your own initiative.
After the setup you will receive a message from us asking you to assign a password for your access. From now on, you will have your own secure access to your drive, and all future data can be easily exchanged in this way. You can decide at any time whether only you or members of your team may have access. Some projects may be cross-departmental, others only for individuals. All this can be edited at any time and is managed manually.
Of course we can also set up access for you right now. Just download this short PDF, fill it out and send it back to us. We will take care of the rest.

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What alternatives do I have?

The test laboratory Weber & Leucht has been working for many years with a specialized service provider who has classified your drive as very safe. The simple fact of meeting the high demands of DIN EN ISO 17025:2018 and the DSGVO already speaks for your drive.

If you are dependent on another data exchange solution, we offer you the following possibilities:

  • We will set up a transition period for our customers to allow for temporary data transfer by e-mail.
  • After this period, either your drive will be available to you, or we will use the alternative route classified as secure and send you documents by post or fax.
  • Maybe you have your own system and would like to use it to import your data - of course this is no problem. The security of your documents is our top priority.



You still have questions?

If you still have questions, or you are still unclear about a point? Then please write to me, I will gladly help you.