Certificate and quality seal of Weber & Leucht

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 As an independent, accredited testing center, we assess important quality characteristics on behalf of manufacturers, public authorities and consumers. Our scientifically sound analyses, our uncompromising evenhandedness and our integrity made us an internationally renowned, credible institution - major decision makers set a high value on our expert's opinion. 

Certification for different products and procudres

At present, we offer quality inspections for all kinds of textiles, surfaces in buildings, cleaning and maintenance products, cleaning procedures and equipment, washing agents and procedures and medical devices. The inspection consists of two parts – examination and evaluation – for which we use our predominantly accredited testing methods according to DIN EN ISO 17025. We conduct our inspection activities according to DIN EN ISO 17020.

The quality seal as a marketing tool

Our certificate and the corresponding seal of quality confirm the fulfillment of our test criteria and provide our customers with important elements for their marketing communication: Following certification, our seal of quality can be shown on products and packaging – a convincing incentive to buy.


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