Comprehensive quality assurance for textile products

Quality assurance with TEX-QMS is sustainable, legally compliant and cost-effective.

TEX-QMS is a textile quality management system that perfectly supports manufacturing companies and service providers who use textiles. TEX-QMS includes all the steps that are required for
consistent quality assurance in the field of textiles. The accredited Weber & Leucht Application Lab offers unique full service that combines all essential individual services: a status quo analysis, the preparation of specifications, the continuous monitoring of the textile fabrics purchased, the archiving of reserve samples, and the processing of any claims. The TEX-QMS concept meets all relevant requirements as per DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

TEX-QMS is highly flexible: it is possible to start the quality management process either with a new or existing project, or with an urgent claim. An essential basic function of TEX-QMS is the matching
of all samples with the Weber & Leucht database (“BASE”), where the “fingerprints” of tens of thousands of textile and textile-chemical raw materials are stored.

TEX-QMS was developed specifically for the requirements of the textile industry and is in particular intended for:

  • manufacturers of textile products or products with textile components
  • design engineers who use textile materials
  • manufacturers of medical products and personal protective equipment
  • suppliers of raw materials, namely fibers, textile auxiliaries, and composite materials
  • service providers who use textile products, e.g., the hotel and gastronomy industries, laundries, building cleaning companies, spas and rehabilitation facilities
  • retailers and importers of all types of textile products

tex qms grafik

1 – BASE, a comprehensive database

We have stored more than 25,000 “fingerprints” of textile and textile-chemical raw materials in our in-house “BASE” database. These fingerprints include the results of spectroscopic analyses and thermoanalytical studies as well as the materials properties. BASE moreover contains in excess of 3,800 fingerprints of textile claims, more than 700 high-risk assessments of unfavorable combinations of materials, and over 550 potential procedural risks. The corresponding archive currently holds approximately 7,000 reserve samples, master samples, and claims.

2 – ANALYZE – the technological fingerprint

ANALYZE includes the preparation of specifications for important characteristics of raw materials, processes, and final products. It uses the fewest possible unambiguous analytical methods to this end. This step is followed by a risk assessment with regard to known claims, and the recommendation of quality assurance measures. Finally, an analytical fingerprint of the product is created and all information is stored in BASE, with a reserve sample stored in the archive.

3 – CONTROL – the process control system

CONTROL monitors your products’ unique fingerprints. Once a year, it matches the current data with the characteristics stored in the BASE database and documents any deviations discerned. Non-critical changes are added to your product’s data record. The archived reserve sample is also updated once a year. If desired, the system can run additional checks at freely selectable intervals. Regular product reports inform on the current delivery quality and whether your product matches the profi le stored in BASE. The report can be used for supplier assessments, too.


Click here to download the TEX-QMS Brochure.