Assessment and evaluation

 We offer individual services for companies which need resources for assessment and evaluation. Thus, we support development and optimization processes.

Textile prototypes development

Every innovative textile product is born from a good idea. Ideally, this idea is provided by one of our customers who commissions us to design and create a prototype.

Our “creative department” is separate from our accredited testing laboratory – here we pursue our passion for textile innovation and explore innovative materials for ourselves. We are currently in the process of establishing an ideas laboratory in the US in which we will focus on textile materials and the development of consumer goods made of textile materials.

Our technology center

Thanks to our in-house technology center, we are able to develop, analyze and optimize new products under realistic conditions.

Our equipment includes a padder for dyeing and impregnating, a stenter for heating textile fabrics and various technical methods for textile coating. We moreover use our technology center to produce wet wipes and sample cuts as well as to mix textile chemical products on a small scale.

In our laboratory, we are able to perform all essential development and optimization processes in-house and from one single source.