Microplastics - i.e. plastic particles with a particularly small diameter - occur during the manufacture and use of a wide variety of products. Microplastics decay extremely slowly and pose a serious risk to the environment and health. The extensive avoidance of microplastics currently is an important issue for product manufacturers, service providers and many consumers.

We are one of the world's leading microplastics laboratories, specializing in fibers, textiles, washing, cleaning and care products. We would be pleased to support your company in measuring and reducing the microplastics produced during work processes.


Specialized Ecodesign

Would you like to know the degree of microplastic emissions in your company?  Do you need exact, verifiable results? We are at your side in the difficult environment of microplastics emissions.

Within the scope of Ecodesign, our joint projects enable you to set the course for a sustainable product positioning with regard to the Circular Economy. If we currently do not offer a joint project that meets your requirements, we will be happy to offer you individual services. We will be happy to advise you - just contact us.


Outstanding competence and equipment

Our laboratory has more than 20 years of experience in fiber identification and offers all important services in the fields of damage analysis and forensics. We reliably identify even the smallest fiber fragments, using state-of-the-art microscopy and detection by FT-IR or EDX.  Our comprehensive analysis portfolio includes almost all currently relevant detection methods. These include thermogravimetry, ultrafiltration, sterile sample preparation and other spectroscopic coupling methods.

Take advantage of our competence and experience in microplastic analysis - we deliver  results you can rely on.


Formative standards work

Our experts are active in the important committees for microplastic analysis and actively contribute to the development of trend-setting test methods. We are always well informed, especially with regard to the rapid developments and high level of innovation in the field of detection of microplastics. In addition, we have already taken on leadership roles in associations, committees and working groups.


Many years of experience

Most laboratories and institutes have only recently started to deal with the subject of microplastics. However, our laboratory Weber & Leucht has been involved from the very beginning - right from the time when the first researchers in California drew attention to this new environmental problem. For this reason, in 2012 we also held an expert workshop in Europe for the first time on the subject of "Textiles, Washing & Polymers - Future Opportunities and Risks" and drew attention to current and future challenges. We recognized the rising challenges very early on and have already made positive contributions.


Partnership to protect our environment

We have initiated a new network, which provides impartial and trustworthy support for the reduction of microplastics in the environment. The network consists of selected participants who want to contribute to the reduction of microplastic emissions based on reliable findings. Are your interested in joining us? Then simply get in touch with us.