We support our customers in analyzing and processing claims by identifying the root causes of product defects with the services of our Industrial Forensics Center. Using high-end laboratory technology and established analytical methods, we also help to optimize processes and significantly improve the efficiency of resource utilization.


The experts of our Industrial Forensics Center analyze the efficiency and capabilities of materials and uncover possible risks in the whole life cycle of a product. As a result, we are able to offer application-oriented interpretations and expert opinions on product safety, novel resources, materials and processes as well as clarification of causes in case of damage or customer complaints. Additionally, we can offer preventative evaluation of the risk of possible product recalls, warranty issues, contraventions and violations of regulations. Our Industrial Forensics Center also assists with the clarification of body injuries and property damages.

Typical customers of our Industrial Forensics Center are authorized experts, public institutions, government organizations and the industry.


Major analytical methods of the Industrial Forensics Center:

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
X-Ray spectroscopy
Optical microscopy
Infrared spectroscopic procedures
Thermic analytical methods
Multiparameter analysis of physical measurements

Additionally, our Industrial Forensics Center has access to the whole range of equipment and analytical methods of our testing laboratory.

An important foundation: The database of TEX-QMS®

Our Industrial Forensics Center accesses a significant proprietary database, in which we have saved the digital "fingerprints" of textile and textile-chemical raw materials. This database is being expanded continuously and assists in the clarification of complex damages and in the preventative evaluation of possible product risks.